Announcing Early Release of new artwork series to Facebook Fans!

In order to receive the following discounts and promotions below, please directly email KVK here.

KVK is officially pleased to introduce her new series “Country Critters Collection” to her existing and distinguished collectors, enthusiasts, and valued patrons of her work. KVK has been planning and forming this series for almost one year and could not be more excited to unveil these new creations!

 Each piece in the new collection is consistent with KVK’s style which includes collaged elements consisting of paint, paper, oil pastels, fabric, nails, buttons, envelopes, images of birds, something musical, and cowboy hats. In every piece there is also something special in each envelope that can only be obtained by way of the original. The creation of “Country Critters” was inspired by specific requests from existing collectors as well as KVK’s imagination and love for country related subject matter, portraits, and animals.

 The entire series will eventually consist of 24 original, unique mixed-media pieces on canvas, 30 in x 30 in.  At this present time, the first 12 masterpieces are available as signed, limited edition giclee prints on canvas, with 8 of the originals remaining. The originals are 30 in x 30 in and are available for $1900. The signed, limited edition prints on canvas are available as 20 in x 20 in for $100 and 30 in x 30 in for $200.

 The first 50 collectors to purchase an original or print will be entered to win a 30 in x 30 in of any signed limited edition giclee print on canvas within the artist’s catalogue of work (once a minimum of thirty-five entries are received, so make sure you share with all your friends! Winner to be chosen the first week of December).

 AND it gets better…

 For the next 48 hours in furtherance of this advent, KVK is proffering to you the following opportunities:


  • Purchase 1 original, and receive any selected signed, limited edition giclee print on canvas 30 in x 30 in of your choice in the series.
  • Purchase 2 originals and receive 4 signed limited edition prints on canvas 30 in x 30 in of choice in the series.
  • Purchase 3 originals and receive 8 signed limited edition giclee prints on canvas 30 in x 30 in of your choice within the series.
  • Purchase 4 or more originals and receive a custom portrait of your choice from the artist.


  • Purchase one signed, limited edition giclee canvas print, and receive a 20% discount on each canvas print thereafter.
  • Purchase each of these first 8 pieces as signed, limited edition giclee prints on canvas, and receive the aforementioned 20% discount in addition to the selection of one signed, limited edition giclee print within the next release.

In order to receive the following discounts and promotions above, please directly email your order to KVK here.

Latest News: Brand New

Randall Hedden and Katia Von Kral Speed Painting Duo

Randall Hedden and Katia Von Kral Speed Painting Duo

Tempe-Based Award-Winning Speed Painter Randall Hedden Selects First Female Professional Artist, From Phoenix, for Act

PHOENIX, Ariz.—October 17, 2016— Award-winning artist Randall Hedden announced today that he has selected Phoenix-based artist Katia Von Kral as the first female artist to his act Tribute Art Live. Randall has been speed painting for nearly a decade, searching to add artists to his act throughout.

“Katia is a phenomenally talented artist and will make an amazing addition to my act,” said Hedden. “I am thrilled to put her skills to use for the benefit of my worthy charities.”

Hedden has set himself apart from all the other “speed painters” in the world with his unmatched accuracy and ability to create an amazing portrait in under 8 minutes. Each painting is meticulously designed in Randall’s studio in Tempe, Ariz., to ensure accuracy.  Corporations hire Randall for his 100 percent success rate in achieving his fundraising goals. In fact, he has raised over $1.5 million for charity.

“Randall and I have been practicing together for over 6 months in preparation for the upcoming live shows,” said Von Kral, “I could not be more excited to add this aspect of art to my career. Working with such an amazing talented, well-respected artist and being able to raise funds for charities at the same time is the perfect fulfilling combination.”

Hedden and Von Kral’s first performance open to the public will be Monday, November 14, at Blue Martini Phoenix from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The performance includes the mixing of music, choreography, set design, and monologue; the painting design is personally supervised by Randall.  All proceeds will go to the Care Fund charity. There will also be live music by The Harry Luge Band.

About Katia Von Kral

For over 20 years, Katia Von Kral has successfully shared her artistic talents for all to see. Her art has been featured in magazines such as Phoenix Home and Garden. She has done custom artwork and murals for large corporations, including Google, Pulte and Del Webb. She also facilitated the restoration of the 1926 Historic Civic Plaza in downtown Phoenix. She has created hundreds of pieces of her originals art and offers all of those images as prints on canvas. Each piece is unique and original in its own right, since they are personally embellished, signed, and numbered by the artist. Von Kral has managed to keep her dream alive but not without a fight. The medical condition endometriosis affects over 176 million women worldwide, including Von Kral. 30-40% of women with endometriosis cannot have children and suffer from EXTREME pain. Therefore, a portion of all the proceeds from Art by KVK sales is donated to support the Endometriosis Association, a charitable organization dear to KVK’s heart. KVK has also worked with the Boys and Girls Club. She loves kids, and it is her passion to care for them whenever the opportunity arises.

You can view and purchase all of her works at Order products or contact her direct at 480.420.4ART (4278) or

Media Contact:

Joy DiNaro, Amendola Communications 847-809-0406,

Upcoming Events

KVK is currently working on a new collection and will have her opening show in the Fall of 2016. If you are interested in getting a preview of her new pieces or purchasing some before they are released to the public, contact her now for an appointment.

KVK’s next show will be on June 23, 2016 in Minot, North Dakota at one of her current retailers “Artistic Floors and Lights.” More information to come.



Another Blog Entry

Someone asked me, “How do you go about your artistic process? What is your inspiration point?”

My answer is this: “It has taken a while for me to really discover what motivates me the most when I go about the creative process. As I’m sure my motivations will continue to evolve through life, I have found that up to this point that the initial subjects of my pieces are and can be very different. I have to clear my mind of stresses and then I have to keep myself on my toes, or I get bored of the piece before I even finish. Like in life, I need a certain amount of unpredictability in order to keep my interest. First, I must have a personal connection to the piece. After I have realized that connection and have committed to following through with the piece, I generally let the creative juices flow from there. This free flow of creativity is where I see similarities in my work; I love a well executed drawing, I love texture, I love pattern, I love color, and I love a simple yet inspirational meaning behind the work. And like everyone else, sometimes motivation is purely survival.”


LOTS of Exciting News!!!

KVK’s new collection will be released in the Fall of 2016! To pre-order and original or print, contact her now for an appointment.

My 9-11 Gilbert Memorial Mixed-Media Collage Painting was donated to the Mayor of Gilbert and Fire Chief Colin DeWitt October 2011. Since then, articles have been published on their website, the Arizona Consortium for the Art’s Newsletter, and in some local magazines. Please view the amazing story of how this came to fruition by visiting the link below. To order a poster or print on canvas contact KVK directly by email or phone and you will receive a secure link for you to place your purchase.


Art for a Cause

I SUFFER from an auto-immune disease called endometriosis, which affects over 183 million women worldwide and counting.  30-40% of them cannot have children and suffer with EXTREME pain. Therefore, I have made it my mission to help build awareness and extend research by donating a part of my proceeds to the World Endometriosis Organization. Your support is very much appreciated! For more info about endometriosis, visit

To hear more of my story visit “Causes.”