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A few years ago, KVK added another dimension to her artistry when she adopted the craft of speed painting. With this skill, she creates famous portraits or familiar scenes, to the sound of lively music in ten minutes or less. These performances take place live in front of large audiences. Sometimes these events are for pure entertainment, enamoring audiences at festivals, parties, holidays, or any other special event. Generally, these events are for charity fundraisers where an auctioneer sells the work immediately after the show. Her live paintings go for upwards of $10,000 and collectively, she has participated in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for several local charities, as well as national ones.

She has opened for celebrity acts at Country Music Festivals, Culinary Arts Festivals, and famous comedians at the Celebrity Theater. Her favorite speed painting show thus far is the “Highwaymen Show,” which makes up portraits of all four country singing outlaws to the sound of their legendary music. Last year, KVK was named “Country’s favorite speed painter” by famous Country Music Doctor and Relationship Expert Dr. Gilda Carle.

KVK also does shows where she paints or installs her work for special events at charity events, restaurants, clubs, private events, etc. Below you will see videos and photos of my speed painting events as well as photos of my work installations. If you would like to book a show of any kind, please fill out the form below with your special requests and we will get back to you within 24 hours on availability and rates.


Together, artists Rock Demarco and Katie Von Kral make an incredible duo as they combine their 20 plus years of stage show entertainment and life-long artistry to create the most unique live paint show experience to date, Speed Painting Unplugged. Having two artists work side by side as their styles continuously blend, creates one-of-a-kind works of art that come alive in minutes. With Rock’s signature “paint glove” and Katie’s “painted hair strands,” and the combination of paint flying in mid-air, mixed with music specifically themed for each event, the show is highlighted by an informative narration that guides the audience through a journey of sight and sound. The special effects, black light painting, and drama are an added plus as every show is customized to their clients’ needs. This duo will have you talking about their live paint show experience for years to come.

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