Much like HGTV programming, where a house goes through a transition and then is revealed to homeowners in an emotional ending, artist Katie Von Kral is contracted in secret to create a work of art for someone else who is very special. Then, when that special person sees the painting, after viewers have watched its evolution from blank canvas to masterpiece, the reaction captured on camera is typically poignant and very emotional. Sign up to watch by clicking here.

Hi my name is Katie Von Kral.

I am a speed painter of celebrity portraits, patriotic figures, animals, landscapes, business logos, and even the CEO of your company. In addition to speed painting, I create fine art originals, custom paintings and murals that are full of color. While I draw and paint the main images in my work, I also incorporate other mediums from time to time. The subject matter varies, but my techniques and symbolized objects generally remain the same. I enjoy painting portraits, animals, still life's, and landscape images to anything related to country western, America, or music.

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