On April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon I was just feet away from the second bomb when it went off. I woke up in the hospital missing my right leg, fighting to keep the left leg, covered in burns with shrapnel lodged in my body and in my heart – Marc Fucarile. There are going to be a lot of very powerful ‘THE REVEAL’ episodes. And few will be more powerful than this one.
WILD RIDES TV – Coming New Year’s Day

WILD RIDES TV was in Texas last week to tape an episode of THE REVEAL (starring Katie Von Kral) at the wedding of Jennifer Reed and Harvey Castro. Why? Because there’s is an interesting story about meeting each other while Harvey is administrator over multiple Texas emergency rooms, having recently gone through a pandemic. And Jennifer is a local TV personality. Yet they somehow manage to go from having a business relationship to a romantic one that they now expect to last a lifetime.

There’s a new TV series that’ll debut on WILD RIDES TV in January called THE REVEAL starring artist Katie Von Kral. It’s slogan is “Bringing Special Memories To Life”. And it does that through paintings that you watch evolve and that are then emotionally revealed. And this is one of those “reveals” last night in Texas for a deserving WWII veteran by the name of Don that you’ll get to see on WILD RIDES TV in January.

Life is full of special memories and on THE REVEAL television series on WILD RIDES TV, painter Katie Von Kral puts them down on canvas for families, couples, the public and you to cherish for all time. You see, her shows start out with an idea for a meaningful painting, you watch a painting evolve and then you witness the emotional reveal at the end. It’s all about a “story” that becomes a painting that becomes a forever preserved lasting memory for generations to share. All on WILD RIDES TV starting January 1st.

NOT AFRAID TO GO TO GREAT HEIGHTS: Artist Katie Von Kral is not afraid to go to extremes (or great heights) for her television series, THE REVEAL. For her it’s all about producing paintings that properly portray the lives of the outstanding, inspirational people who make her ‘THE REVEAL’ episodes the impactful, heartwarming viewing experiences that they are; episodes that you are going to love. So get a glimpse by going to and sign up for more information.

Much like HGTV programming, where a house goes through a transition and then is revealed to homeowners in an emotional ending, artist Katie Von Kral is contracted in secret to create a work of art for someone else who is very special. Then, when that special person sees the painting, after viewers have watched its evolution from blank canvas to masterpiece, the reaction captured on camera is typically poignant and very emotional. Coming very soon to WRTV so stay tuned!