Another Blog Entry

Someone asked me, “How do you go about your artistic process? What is your inspiration point?”

My answer is this: “It has taken a while for me to really discover what motivates me the most when I go about the creative process. As I’m sure my motivations will continue to evolve through life, I have found that up to this point that the initial subjects of my pieces are and can be very different. I have to clear my mind of stresses and then I have to keep myself on my toes, or I get bored of the piece before I even finish. Like in life, I need a certain amount of unpredictability in order to keep my interest. First, I must have a personal connection to the piece. After I have realized that connection and have committed to following through with the piece, I generally let the creative juices flow from there. This free flow of creativity is where I see similarities in my work; I love a well executed drawing, I love texture, I love pattern, I love color, and I love a simple yet inspirational meaning behind the work. And like everyone else, sometimes motivation is purely survival.”