Solfege Family Collection

The “Solfege Family Collection,” consists of seven separate designs/instruments originally crafted in various colors and media including paint, fabric, chalk, marker, beads, and much more.

The originals, sealed with a high-gloss finish are 48″x48″, are offered in giclee sizes ranging from 8″x8″ to 36″x36″. Each work of art: “Doe the Bass,” “Ray the Guitar,” “Me the Piano,” “Fa the French Horn,” “Soul the Drums,” “La the Sax,” and “Tee the Marimba,” are named after the solfege sight-singing technique “do, re, me, fa, sol, la, ti, do.” I was inspired to create these pieces because I love music, grew up around music in church, and spend my time with a family of musicians that have played professionally since childhood. I wanted to design a series that I was interested in and enjoyed creating. So far, my most popular works of art have been the mixed-media or collaged pieces, and also the ones I have enjoyed creating the most. I incorporate actual envelopes in all of my collaged pieces including these, and in this series, I started incorporating bird images on a whim even though I ironically fear them.

Solfege Family Collection For Sale

-All the giclees that are sold on this website are Limited Edition, Signed by KVK, and Varnished with a Protective UV coating to preserve the life of the piece.

-To find out if the original of the piece you are interested in is still available, please contact KVK. KVK will also be able to discuss pricing of originals with you directly. You can also purchase these and my other music art prints at Fine Art America by clicking here music art prints.

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