Saddlebred Series

The Saddlebred Series developed by way of a woman I know who trains and owns Saddlebred horses.

As I got to know her, I also got to know some of the nuances and characteristics of horses, of which I had previously had not much of an idea. My curiosity in creating the art involving Saddlebred horses developed at this time. Like I said, I did know much about the breed at first, but as I continued to learn more by drawing and painting them, I found that the intricacies of their apparent unique qualities and personalities ignited a spark and genuine love for creating the pieces exemplifying them. You can view the drawing studies on the Saddlebred Series notecards.

Saddlebred Series Items for Sale

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-All the giclees that are sold on this website are Limited Edition, Signed by KVK, and Varnished with a Protective UV Coating to preserve the life of the piece.

-To find out if the original of the piece you are interested in is still available, please Contact KVK. KVK will also be able to discuss pricing of originals with you directly. You can also purchase these prints and other framed animal prints of mine at Fine Art America by clicking this link horse prints.