French Quarter

The “French Quarter” is similar in style and technique to the “Solfege Family Collection, ” but different in that it was created before and separately from the Solfege idea. This piece is what inspired me to continue painting musical instruments.” The “French Quarter” original is 36″x36″, mixed-media, and sold the first night of its debut. The owner of this piece named it herself because it reminded her of good memories of the French Quarter. I was led to create this piece through the inspiration of local Arizona musician Ron Herndon of The Herndon Brothers Band, also in the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame, whose two of many instruments are the accordian and trumpet.

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-All the giclees that are sold on this website are Limited Edition, Signed by KVK, and Varnished with a Protective UV Coating to preserve the life of the piece.

-To find out if the original of the piece you are interested in is still available, please Contact KVK.