Cowboys & Instruments Collection

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This collection is a mixed-media series I call the “Cowboys and Instruments Collection.” I was inspired to create this collection initially because I get a lot of requests for “cowboy” related work. So, in keeping with my style and love for music, I created this series, also inspired by musician models of the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Famers, The Herndon Brothers Band of Handlebar J. 

I like to create works in a series at the same time because my creativity just flows better that way. I thought enough artists had done “Cowboys and Indians” so I decided to shake it up a bit and create “Cowboys and Instruments.” I wanted them to be contemporary, funky, evoke fond memories, and also be something that even a non-Cowboy lover might enjoy. In terms of meaning, some of them are just meant to be pleasing, bring happiness, and remind others of fond memories they have experienced. Like myself, they remind me of people, places, and moments to which I relate. I made the faces ambiguous in this collection so anyone can hopefully associate themselves, or their experiences, and connect as well.

One particular piece “Vaquero de the Mandolin,” (vaquero is cowboy in Spanish) kind of happened by accident. I had asked a musician friend of one of the Herndon Brothers band members if I could have him pose for me with his upright bass so that I could create this piece of art. He gladly said yes and as we were coming up with the general composition, he proceeded to proudly show me all of his instruments, one being his mandolin. As he sat there and played, I liked this composition even more than my original idea with the upright bass. I love the soft yet vibrant colors contrasted with the dark mysterious background, and the sort of classiness that it portrays at the same time. I feel that it is very solemnly sweet because it shows age, focus, contentment, and song. When I painted this piece I had no idea it would end up being one of my favorites. Most of the time, I don’t plan out my art pieces to their full completion. I go with an idea and see where it takes me. I pick the colors as I am creating and usually don’t use the local color that I am looking at to paint from.

This leads me to my “style” of creating the work. I like to work with different mediums; I like texture, I like pattern, and I appreciate a well executed and compositionally balanced piece. I also really appreciate the decorative aspects of art. I usually create my collage pieces by using mediums such as acrylics, marker, sometimes chalk and pastels, glue, found objects such as upholstery nails, wall paper, fabric, and much more. About four years ago, I started collaging and “hiding” envelopes in my work simply because I could, and I valued the aesthetic angles the envelope provided in the pieces. In addition, over a year ago, I started adding images of birds. Why birds? Birds actually kind of scare me. I thought it was ironic that I would face my fear and add that image to my pieces as a decorative component. Discovering the process of how I create my works and finding all the new elements that I have somehow managed to harmoniously combine on one canvas is a very important aspect in what makes my work so unique . So, be sure to look for the envelopes and the birds. Getting to see and have the actual collaged elements in the original KVK’s is what makes these and the other KVK originals so special. I LOVE these pieces, I hope you do too.

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