Carousel Series

Katia Von Kral created this Carousel Series when she was asked to be the featured artist for the 40th Annual Carousel Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ.

The 40th Anniversary, also called the “Ruby Anniversary” is the reason for the shiny ruby images on the tack of the horse in “Everybody Loves Ruby,” and of course the reason for the name of the carousel horse “Ruby.” In this piece I also incorporated my noted collage elements with such images hiding within the piece, like the bird and the envelope, because it wouldn’t be KVK without it! I am pleased to announce that this piece was the book cover for the memory book, as well as the image for many other featured gift items at the show.

The other carousel animal paintings, the elephant, rabbit, lion, and zebra are also made up of acrylics and collage. These pieces are only 8″x8″ and are very cute! I created these because I didn’t want the horse “Ruby” to be lonely, and I wanted to create some smaller, different, and more affordable carousel additions for the 40th Anniversary Show I mentioned earlier. I picked my top four favorite. I really enjoyed creating the carousel art for the show. I felt that I was able to utilize all the artistic elements I like incorporating into my works of art…fond memories, fun, color, texture, and technique.

The final Carousel art that I will be adding soon is composed of two more pieces that are 24″x24″ and are titled “Ruby’s Knight” and “Ruby’s Lady”. More pics and descriptions to come regarding these. Thank you for visiting!

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-All the giclees that are sold on this website are Limited Edition, Signed by KVK, and Varnished with a Protective UV Coating to preserve the life of the piece.

-To find out if the original of the piece you are interested in is still available, please Contact KVK. KVK will also be able to discuss pricing of originals with you directly.