1997-2010 Collection

The pieces from the “1997-2010 Collection” is a group of works created during 1997-2010, which may have started from original commissioned pieces, exercises from college, or my own original ideas I exhibited at shows. Each piece from this collection has a unique story, and I hope to be able to describe each one in detail as time goes on.

Most of my art is fashioned with repurposed materials, which has also made my art eco-friendly. I got started on this concept when the 1997-2010 Collection was forming. The pieces from this Collection that exhibit this concept are the “Mighty Foundation,” “Lyle Lovett,” and “I Like Your Sleeves.”

For now, the one that I will point out above them all is “Mighty Foundation,” the mixed-media collage piece I mentioned earlier, created in 2008 for an exhibition in Scottsdale, AZ. This piece of music art happens to be a music sheet I painted of a real song “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” I painted this piece because I wanted to portray a picture that symbolically represented my upbringing or foundation if you will, and with my interest in music, the concept worked out. I am a preacher’s kid (PK) and have been all my life. Although it hasn’t always been a bowl of cherries, I like to give credit to my father and his pure intentions for the values and love he taught my brother and I in our “Mighty Foundation.” The collaged elements, such as the rose represent growth, while the burned edges represent heartaches that I have coped with a long the way.

1997-2010 Collection Items for Sale

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-All the giclees that are sold on this website are Limited Edition, Signed by KVK, and Varnished with a Protective UV Coating to preserve the life of the piece.

-To find out if the original of the piece you are interested in is still available, please Contact KVK. KVK will also be able to discuss pricing of originals with you directly.

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