1997-2010 Collection Drawings

A brief overview: These pieces completed from 1997-2010 include female figure drawings and collaged charcoal drawings. Some of the early pieces (1997-2001) were created during my college days when I was practicing my figure drawings and attempting to form series of autobiographical works.

The collage piece “Preacher’s Kid” has been quite a popular piece that I originally made to show some of the positive and negatives of being a preacher’s kid, like my brother and I were. Of the autobiographical drawings, the “Preacher’s Kid” was a piece I decided to include in the collection for others to purchase, since it had been requested several times. In the “Other Drawings” section, you will see other random drawings that I crafted with marker, charcoal, and pencil which were also female figure studies, autobiographical studies, and my favorite Marilyn Monroe Study.

1997-2010 Collection Drawings for Sale

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-To find out if the original of the piece you are interested in is still available, please contact KVK. We will be able to discuss pricing of originals with you directly.

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