Custom Notecard Sets

Custom Notecard Sets are a great alternative if you do not have the cash to buy your favorite KVK painting or drawing at the moment. And, they are also practical so they have several uses. I create custom notecard sets in sets of 8 folding cards (blank inside) with envelopes for each. The 8 folding cards would be the same size with the same KVK image on all front sides of the cards. If you choose a square image, the cards are approximately 5″x5″ when folded, and if you choose a rectangular image, the cards are approximately 4″x6″ when folded. They are also beautifully packaged as seen in the pics below. Just pick your favorite KVK painting or drawing that you would like to see on your custom notecard sets, go to the form below, send me your info and let me know the image you want on your set. I will get back to you in a timely manner to secure the details, collect payment, create your custom set of notecards, and send them off on their way to you! The price of custom notecard sets run $12-$25, plus tax and shipping if necessary. Below are examples of custom square notecards and custom rectangular notecards with KVK art on the front of them. This gift art has been a huge hit among the women, receiving many compliments. I hope you enjoy!

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