Custom Coaster Sets

If there is a particular KVK design painting or drawing that you love and would like to have on a set of quality KVK coasters, I can make a custom set or sets of coasters for you. The coasters are approximately 4″x4″ in size, tumbled stone, and are decorative as well as practical. They come in sets of 6 with a well decorated adorable box. I also have a coaster storage/display stand that metal artist Paul Matijevich from Las Vegas, NV created to go with the coasters that are an additional charge. Please go to the form below and send me your info with the KVK drawings or paintings you would like to see on the coasters. I will contact you in a timely fashion to secure the details, collect payment, create your custom coasters, and send them off to you! The coasters run from $41-$82, plus tax and shipping if necessary. Below are pictures of KVK Designs that were placed on custom sets of KVK coasters. Coasters are shown on the storage/display stand that I have available for an additional charge.

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